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Spring Clean the Outside of Your Home in 1 Day!

Perth enjoys beautiful weather nine months of the year and then a whole year's worth of rain, hail, wind and storms batter us for the other three months. After another wild and woolly winter it’s time now to step out of our houses, turn around and have a good look at what mother nature has gifted us with over the past few months. Whether it is moss, mould, leaves, grime, salt water or dirt – we have the solution to make your house shiny and looking like new again (well almost!) – and the best part is… it can all be done in one day!

Here’s how to transform your home from drab to fab in less than 24 hours – for much less than you think!

Revive the exterior of your house

The outside of your house can gather dirt and grime which sticks to bricks, plaster and paintwork. High pressure cleaning can achieve that great newly finished look without the expense and effort of repainting.

Limestone home cleaning

Note: It can be a delicate job in places to ensure paintwork or cladding isn’t damaged. Make sure you use a professional who knows the best applications and pressure settings to use on each particular external wall surface.

Now that the walls and cornices are sparkly clean, it is easy to see any damage spots that have developed over the winter. Simply do a quick whip around with a small tin of touch-up paint and the external walls will look as good as new.

Make your roof tiles sparkle

Roof tile cleaning

Roofs take a battering year-round and a dirty or discoloured roof can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your house and a simple, efficient clean can drastically increase the appearance and value of your home.

An annual clean will keep unattractive mould and grime at bay and revive a tired or dirty roof, as well as save you from costly repairs down the track.

Again, high pressure cleaning is a very effective solution that can easily produce drastic results. Due to the risk of falling and severely injuring yourself (or worse), it’s recommended you hire a local professional to do this for you

While they are at it, ask your high pressure cleaning crew to check on your gutters, downpipes and solar panels if you have them. Any quick fixes done now will save you big bucks down the track, as these types of problems only get bigger as time goes on.

Paving and driveway cleaning hack

Clean pavers from high pressure cleaning

Your entrance and driveway is the first thing people see when they arrive and is a key thing that passers-by will judge your house on!

Why not use it to showcase your house by reviving it to look like new? This can be done by cleaning up the edges and removing any weeds that have appeared between the cracks. Another solution which will require minimal work on your part but will transform the look of your driveway can be a high pressure clean to remove all dirt and stains, sealing the driveway with a professional sealant customised to local conditions, and even repainting the driveway altogether. Companies such as DJL Services in Perth can work with you in all aspects of rejuvenating your driveway.

Note: along with sealing your driveway, it’s also recommended you seal all paved areas around your home. Not only will this add to the transformation at the time, but the sealant will ensure that your pavers are more resistant to dirt and grime over the coming months, keeping them looking in tip-top shape for longer (and preventing you from undoing all your hard work in cleaning up to this point). Prepare now to protect your property from next winter with professional sealing on all paved and concrete outdoor areas.

Finishing Touches

Clean house exterior

Last but not least, it’s time for those little touches that make a big difference. Mow your lawn and weed your gardens (or get the kids out the back for a few hours to help out) then put your attention to what you can introduce to your garden to give it a whole new look.

Buy a few spring blooms in vibrant colours from the local market or garden centre and plant them strategically where they then can best be seen. New garden furniture or the addition of bird baths and fountains don’t have to cost a lot, but they can make a tired garden seem new again. Lastly, consider some outdoor lighting – with summer just around the corner, fairy lights and lanterns can make your backyard a great entertaining space that looks absolutely stunning.

This new décor will pop against your sparkling house, paths and driveway and your home will look like it has had a complete makeover – all in 1 day!

Bonus Tip!**

Book in for a Spring clean with DJL - Perth's leading high pressure cleaning company and save on maintenance costs by protecting your surfaces from long term exposure to mould, grease, grime and dirt. An annual refresh not only looks great but will extend the life of your building and outdoor surfaces in the long term!

**Ask for the Spring Clean Package (includes exterior building cleaning, roof cleaning and paving and driveway cleaning) and receive a FREE gutter clean, down pipe check AND bonus solar panel clean. For a limited time only!

Click HERE to get your free high pressure cleaning quote for all areas of Perth from Mandurah to Two Rocks!


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