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How To Clean A Colorbond® Roof With A High Pressure Cleaner

Harsh elements can play havoc with roofing in Perth. Close to the city a potential problem is pollution, while if you live in the outskirts of Perth you are possibly in the bushfire alert zone.

dirty colorbond roof

If your property survives, your Colorbond roof may still sustain damage from ash and debris. Along the western corridor you may need to contend with salt spray.

All across Perth, we have hours of intense sunlight in summer and winter gives us heavy rainfall, hail and gusty winds scattering debris such as sticks and leaves. Pollen also sticks to the roof, and you may find that spore deposits have settled on the surface of the roof as well. While all of this settles on your roof, it encourages the growth of lichen, mould, and moss.

Colorbond® Roof Cleaning

After a few years, water stains, rust stains and pollution particles can start to gather on the roof. Mould and mildew on the roof may also start to accumulate and must be dealt with swiftly for roof preservation as well as health reasons.

high pressure cleaning a perth colorbond roof

Chalking may also start to become an issue over time, with the pain starting to degrade under the constant barrage of elements. It is important to note that most metal roofing paint warranties don’t cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, so it is important to regularly clean your roof.

“Cleaning your Colorbond® roof once a year will maintain it well and keep it looking great“ Chris Martin, DJL Services.

The Best Way To Clean A Colorbond® Roof

The DJL Colorbond® Pressure Cleaning Process removes all traces of dirt, moss, lichen and other pollutants in a safe and affordable way. However, if you do want to have a go yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t injure yourself or your roof.

  1. Climb up on your roof safely and carefully. Ensure you have high-grip shoes and you have secure points to keep you from falling. Algae is slippery and chalking is flakey so there are many potential hazards to be aware of.

  2. Clean off debris and inspect the level of damage or staining present once the area is clear. Determine if the roof is degrading by assessing the paint for chalking (a white residue) or algae (dark or black patches), or both.

  3. If the damage is small and isolated, you can clean your Colorbond roof with a sponge or soft brush, warm soapy water and a bit of elbow grease. If the damage covers a larger area, then a high-powered cleaning agent is the best way to go.

  4. You can rent a pressure washer from an equipment shop or store, but keep in mind that if you are not experienced in using one there is the possibility of causing more harm than good. If you have algae or chalking, there are particular techniques best handled by professionals. Note that any damage caused by DIY pressure cleaning may not be covered by insurance or warranties.

  5. Hold the pressure cleaner approximately 30cm from the roof surface and test a small non-exposed section on the lowest pressure available. Move up to medium pressure slowly if more is required. There is a fine line between not enough pressure and roof damage. Again – if you are not experienced or at least confident that you will not cause any permanent damage, then call the professionals.

  6. Once you have the desired pressure, start with a small area at the top of the roof and progressively moved down the metal sheets. Stand in dry or already cleaned patches to minimise the possibility of slipping on water or newly dislodged debris or algae.

  7. Note that touch-up paint is not recommented for COLORBOND® products. During manufacture, COLORBOND® prepainted steel undergoes a curing process in which the paint is baked onto the metallic coated steel substrate; while other paint systems, for example aerosol sprays, are air dried. If you apply air drying touch-up paint it will likely age at a different rate and look uneven over time (BlueScope Steel).

before and after colorbond roof clean

For a free quote for colorbond roof cleaning, contact DJL Services, a local Perth roof cleaning company that has a great reputation for customer satisfaction and high-quality work. All roof cleans also include a no-cost solar panel clean!


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