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10 Things You Should AVOID High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is arguably the most effective method of cleaning your outdoor surfaces however if you aren’t careful you can end up doing a lot more harm than good.

That’s why the high pressure cleaning experts at DJL Services always recommend leaving your home or commercial pressure cleaning projects to the professionals. However, if you are still inclined to adopt the DIY approach there’s a few objects and surfaces you should always be weary of.

Air Conditioning Units

While your air con unit may appear sturdy and invincible, you’ll likely find out this isn’t the case.

High pressure cleaning can damage the fins on your unit and consequently compromise air flow. You also run the risk of getting water inside the unit which can wreak havoc on the electrical circuit. Always avoid high pressure cleaning air con units however tempting it may be.


High pressure cleaning your windows can cause them to break, crack or shatter and lead to an additional expense having to replace them. There’s also the potential to water damage the inside of your home.

While there’s the chance your windows may be able to withstand the pressure, we suggest playing on the safe side here and cleaning your windows by hand or with specially designed equipment.


High pressure cleaning your vehicle can create small dents and damage the paintwork, making it susceptible to rust. Pressure washing under the hood should also be avoided as it can lead to parts breaking and water entering unwanted components.

We strongly advise not using a general-purpose pressure cleaner on your car however if you still feel inclined be sure it is set a low-pressure setting.

You can find out more about the right PSI required for cleaning different surfaces here.


Your gutters are designed to withstand the heavy downpour of rainwater but not the extreme power from a high-pressure cleaner. High pressure cleaning your gutter can lead to your gutter disbanding from your home or even bending and breaking effectively costing you thousands in maintenance.

DJL recommends always removing debris in your gutters by hand then rinsing the inside of your gutter with low pressure water.

Asphalt Shingles

You should avoid high pressure cleaning your asphalt shingles if you want them to last. The pressure will remove the granules that protect your roof, consequently compromising the integrity of your home’s most valuable asset.

Pressure cleaning on your roof is also extremely dangerous and you can very easily lose your balance. Just another reason we suggest leaving your high pressure cleaning projects to the professionals.

Painted Surfaces

DJL recommends low pressure washing all painted surfaces. Depending on the age of the paint it can easily crack or chip your paint work.

You should also avoid high pressure cleaning lead-based paint as it may crack and break causing the debris to disperse in the air. Lead paint should always be professionally removed due to its toxic nature – long term exposure is known to result in illness.

Loose or Old Mortar

Old or loose brick work can be especially susceptible to damaging from high pressure cleaning.

Any loose mortar will easily be blown away from high pressure cleaning which may affect the structural integrity of your walls or fences.

Stained Wood

Pressure cleaning your stained wood surfaces can lead to the stain being stripped from the wood. We recommend taking extra precaution around wooden decking or outdoor furniture, especially when choosing the right pressure settings.

You can check out our guide to pressure cleaning your outdoor deck here.

Outdoor Lighting

Yes, your outdoor lighting fixtures are generally waterproof and made to withstand rain however high pressure cleaning may force water into your fixtures causing them to break.


Finally – your plants! This should be an obvious one.

Your plants are delicate and the force of water from pressure cleaning can easily remove them from their soil. Always take care when pressure cleaner around your gardens as you probably spend a lot much time throughout the year looking after your outdoor spaces it’s a waste to have to replace your plants.

While it can be tempting to take the high pressure cleaner to every surface around your home or commercial premises without exercising caution and technique you might end up causing a lot of damage to your property. However, when used in the right instances coupled with the right pressure and equipment the results can be incredible.

If you’re looking to trust your next high pressure cleaning Perth project with a team of professionals contact DJL Services today. As a small family owned and operated business, we’re committed to providing high quality workmanship and excellent customer service.


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