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property pre-sale high pressure clean

Professional High-Pressure Cleaning


Is your property looking a little run down?


Let DJL Services transform the appearance of your home from Drab to Fab! Not only will your home look amazing, but our services can protect your property surfaces from long term exposure to mould, grease, grime and dirt effectively extending the lifespan of your house or building and outdoor surfaces, making it a cost-effective long-term maintenance option. By using a combination of years of experience and the careful application of high-pressure hot water, we will wash away years of dirt and stains to reveal surfaces that look as good as new.

You will be stunned with the results! 


It is an absolute essential for a pre-sale makeover to help you present your property at its absolute best and maximize your sale price. DJL Services do it all including window cleaning, sealing of all pavement surfaces, painting of driveways and more to ensure your property looks as good as new! If you want to transform the appearance of your home or business, contact Perth's leading high-pressure cleaning service today - the highest quality workmanship at the most competitive price.


Call now or fill out our contact form for a free quote - you will be amazed at the value for money and old fashioned customer service.

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