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Is Your Pool Area Summer Ready?

Summer is here, the sun is shining and the weather is warming up. With the increase in temperature, it’s time to get outside and spend more time by the pool. After Perth’s long and cold winter, your pool area is probably looking a bit worn and lifeless.

DJL Services are happy to help with some easy fixes that can brighten up your pool area so it’s ready for Perth’s summer months. In addition to that, there are some quick and easy changes you can make yourself to your outdoor area that will make it look as good as new and ready for the summer sun.

High Pressure Clean Your Floor

One the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up your pool area is to clean the pavers or limestone floor surrounding the pool. While you can see a difference with a standard hose and slight scrub, for the best results, get a professional to high pressure clean your pavers. High pressure cleaning is especially important for limestone pavers, commonly found in pool areas, as DIY pressure cleaning can often cause damage. No matter the floor surface type, high pressure cleaning removes mould, grease, grime and dirt from the outdoor area. It will make your pool pavers look like new, and lift the appearance up of your overall pool area, while also being a cost-effective long-term maintenance option.

Consider Concrete or Paving Sealing

Before and after concrete tinted sealing

Are you looking for something a bit more permanent to tidy up your paving area? Here at DJL Services we would recommend sealing your floor if this is the case. DJL Services provide concrete sealing and paving sealing options to suit your specific needs. We have a variety of colours for your concrete sealing needs, providing a complete makeover of your outdoor area. If you have limestone pavers, make them last even longer and reduce ongoing deterioration and discolouration due to moisture, mould and day-to-day dirt by enquiring with DJL Services.

Shading and Decoration Options

In addition to high pressure cleaning or cement and paving sealing, there are small touches you can undertake yourself that can easily liven up your outdoor area.

While the sun is great, especially after a long winter, it can be nice to hop into the shade when you’re getting out of the pool. If you have deckchairs near the pool, consider putting them close to an umbrella so those with fairer skin can keep out of Perth’s hot sun. If you are looking for a more drastic renovation, patios and gazebos can be purchased ready-made, or can be installed at a reasonable cost.

For when the sun goes down, put some solar lights around your pool to draw attention to it and create some atmosphere when swimming at night. To make you pool even more of a focal point, replace some of your old, faded cushions for some new ones for a fresh new look at a cost-effective price.

Give Your Garden a Makeover

If it’s one thing that we know in our business, it is that first impressions last. An hour in the garden can completely transform your outdoor space and make your pool stand out as the jewel in the crown. Whether this is weeding the garden beds, mowing the lawn or putting some pot plants around your pool, neatening up your garden can make a huge difference in how visitors view your pool area.

Get Your Pool Summer Ready Now

Give the experts at DJL Services a call to discuss the best options for your pool area. With the hot weather well and truly upon us, it is the perfect time to upgrade your pool area so it’s ready for your summer guests. Give DJL Services, Perth’s high pressure cleaning experts, a call today on 0417530171 or contact us online and we will get straight back to you.


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