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How To Find The Right High Pressure Cleaning Company

If you’re looking to revive your commercial or residential premises you will be hard-pressed to find a service that delivers the same results as high pressure cleaning. Within a matter of a few hours, almost any stain can be lifted from your roof, driveway, paving or limestone surfaces.

Once you’ve decided that high pressure cleaning is what your surfaces need to bring them back to life, you’ll have to decide on a service provider. Choosing the right high pressure cleaning company can be the difference between achieving the results you want and being left disappointed.

Here are our recommendations to help you find the best high pressure cleaning company for your next surface cleaning project.

Are they insured?

High pressure cleaning can be dangerous for both the operator as well as the area being cleaned. Powerful equipment combined with the occasional use of chemicals provides a series of hazards and if your operator isn’t familiar with what they’re doing numerous things can go wrong.

When you’re deciding on a pressure cleaning company you should always ask if the provider is insured. Insurance provides an additional barrier of protection for your property as well as the operator. If something does happen to go wrong at least you’ll feel comfortable knowing you won’t have to fork out additional expenses. It will also provide peace of mind knowing that the operator takes their business seriously and conducts its operations in a professional manner.

What experience do they have?

Additionally, you should find out what experience they have high pressure cleaning. As with any other profession, experience goes a long way and when it comes to pressure cleaning a wide variety of surfaces the more experience an operator has the less likely things are to go wrong. They’re also far more likely to leave your premises sparkling clean and looking like new.

Experience can run deeper than simply how many years you’ve been operating. Some other factors worth considering are how well they might understand different pressures and how familiar they are with their equipment.

A great indication of experience is viewing before and after images from recently completed projects. This will provide some good insights as to what you can expect from your own high pressure cleaning project.

Chemical Usage

Contrary to popular belief high pressure cleaning isn’t always reliant on chemical usage. In some instances, depending on the surface chemicals aren’t required and when they can be avoided, they should be.

When you’re deciding on a high pressure cleaning company make sure you ask questions around what chemicals the provider may use. Chemicals can be harmful to your gardens and pets so if they are going to use them make sure they take precautions and dispose of them accordingly.

DJL Services avoids using chemicals where possible however when they are required, we only use Western Australian made, environmentally friendly solutions that still deliver the same high-quality result.


The reputation of a company can say a lot about what service offering you can expect to receive. Whenever you’re looking to hire a high pressure cleaning company it is worth looking at their Facebook reviews, Google reviews as well as any testimonials.

Whilst not all reviews are a great indication to a company, collectively they can provide a good representation of how that company conducts themselves and treats its customers.


Lastly, does the company stand behind the projects they complete?

Whilst delivering a guarantee is highly dependent on the surface you are working with you want to make sure the company is committed to delivering the best outcome possible. A guarantee is a good way of making sure your provider won’t leave the premises until they are sure the surface is as clean as it can be.

Looking for the right high pressure cleaning company in Perth? DJL Services is a small family-owned and operated service provider with a wealth of experience committed to competitive prices and high-quality results. Contact our friendly team todayto receive your obligation free quote.


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