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Can high pressure cleaning really add value to my home?

First impressions are everything!

If you’re thinking about selling your home or you’re already in the market, you might be interested to know that around 70% of prospecting buyers will check the property out from the curb before they even consider walking through the rest of the property.

Oil stains, mould, mildew and general grime build up don’t make for a great first impression. Not to mention the dangerous element of slippery surfaces, bacteria build up and mould that causes health issues…it’s no wonder a prospecting buyer wouldn’t even consider your property as a viable investment.

High pressure cleaning your exteriors can significantly increase the curb appeal and attract the right kind of buyer and here’s why:

Properties that are visually marketable fill faster

As we mentioned, the appearance of your front elevation makes a huge difference in influencing potential buyers to stop and look at your property, so it’s important to consider the front of your home as though you’re going to advertise it on the cover of a brochure. Which one would make you stop?

Get the best possible sale price for your property

High pressure cleaning can literally increase the curb appeal and value of your property in a matter of hours! It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your re-sale value. If you were to take on your property exterior with a normal garden hose you would use about 3,500 litres of water every hour. The flow rate of a high pressure water cleaner uses only about 400 – 600 litres

every hour which is a drastic saving. Plus you get the additional bonus that high pressure cleaning speeds up the work. When you’re preparing your home for re-sale it’s important not to blow out expenses on repair or renovation work as this will eat into your margins.

Extra work on a property may deter buyers

Not everyone wants to take on a fixer-upper project so why leave the appeal of your home to the imagination? Grime build up disguises the spark and unique look and feel of your home so unless you’re trying to attract people who want to pay low dollar for a home that has a lower perceived value, it pays to spruce up the exterior so that you’re increasing the probability of achieving top market value for your home.

A safer home is a practical choice and enhances buyer emotions

High pressure cleaning can turn your property from a hazard to a safe zone in no time at all. Removing the grime build-up on your driveway, patio or any other paved outdoor areas will save you having to pull out the yellow ‘slippery when wet’ sign. Unsightly mould and mildew will decrease the value of your home – it’s costly to repair if left untreated and it doesn’t appeal to eye. More importantly it doesn’t make for a healthy breathing environment.

Remember a property that sits on the market too long is costing you money!

There’s nothing that makes a home feel more like home than giving it a good clean. We all experience that feeling and that’s exactly the lasting impression you want your potential buyers to feel when they view your property inside and out.

Our pre-sale high pressure cleaning services are designed with your buyer views and impressions in mind.

We understand that prepping your home for selling can be an incredibly busy time, not to mention the stress of life on top of that, which is why we specialise in high pressure cleaning that can help save the time and money headaches for you. So, before you list your property, book in for a pre-sale high pressure cleaning service right here.

Guaranteed to improve the appearance and presentation of your property so that you can capture more of those drive-by prospects and make your home the talk of the neighbourhood.

Simply CLICK HERE to get your free high pressure cleaning quote for all areas of Perth from Mandurah to Two Rocks.


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