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5 Tips To Easily Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

Thinking about selling your house sometime in the near future? If so, you’ll want to ensure that it is in prime condition to drive up value as much as possible. In Australia’s competitive real estate market, having a fully functional and aesthetically attractive home is imperative to scoring a good sale. When potential buyers survey the real estate in your area, having a house that stands out from the rest is what can be the driving difference in their decision making. From interior painting to room maintenance and high pressure building cleaning, we’ve got all the top tips for you!

Selling your house

1. Transform Your Yard Into The Garden of Eden

An attractively landscaped yard is undoubtedly something buyers will love from a standout home. The appearance of a household’s yard is usually indicative of how well the property is maintained in general. It can be a huge turn-off for potential buyers when they see plants that haven’t been tended to, un-mowed lawns and messy gardens. Investing in new soil, vibrant flora, shrubbery, trees and ground cover can transform your home’s exterior yards from dismal to enticing and inviting.

It’s worth even considering how you can capitalise on seasonality of the sale period and opt for plants that will look stunning during whatever month it occurs in. If you’ve got a green thumb, then this is the perfect way to take up your hobby and make some improvements to the house’s surroundings. Alternatively, enlisting in the services of a professional landscaper can do wonders for a yard. It’s also worthwhile considering how the outside will appear during the night. Dressing up the outdoors with modern and chic night lighting literally makes your household shine compared to the rest.

2. Splash Some Colour Into The Interior

Much like fashion, interior home design has seasonal trends determining what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’. Perhaps you’ve noticed rooms where only one wall is coloured, referred to as a feature wall, or others where the entire room is covered. Painted walls can be an excellent selling point for homes. White walled houses can give a modern and sleek look but some buyers may interpret this as devoid of character. However, on the other hand it’s important to note that some paint choices could be viewed as too outlandish or even tasteless! Refer to home style guides to find out exactly what is popular in home design before choosing how to jazz up your spaces with some colour. You could even opt for something more alternative like textured brush techniques with the painting, but make sure to ensure this is compatible with the rest of the household aesthetic.

3. No More Kitchen Or Bathroom Horrors

It’s a well-known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses! There’s nothing a potential buyer hates more than a dingy bathroom and/or kitchen and in many cases it’s enough to completely drive them against even considering your property. The kitchen is one of the most communal areas of the home meaning potential owners want one that is a functional workspace with cupboards, taps, appliances, etc. all in working order.

Clean kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go all out crazy with the renovations that are made. In fact doing so, aka having over-the-top marble benches and fancy stainless steel appliances that make the rest of the house seem bleak, can work against you. Buyers may think it’ll put the property at a price-point way above what they can afford. The same would apply with your bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to note that it is just the little changes that count. Having a working condition kitchen that is tidy and attractive and a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing, grout free and fully functional is what will diminish many potential buyer objections.

4. Floor the Competition with Your Flooring

The floor is one of the first things that buyers notice upon entering a property. The way your floor is, will certainly give your home a definitive look. Having old carpets or worn out floorboards is not going to be particularly appealing to anyone. Reflooring with new wooden panels that encapsulate the aesthetic of your home could be a good way to go, especially as maintaining wooden floors are a relatively easy feat with less cleaning involved. However, a high-quality carpet can also be quite attractive and create a warm and comforting atmosphere for your home. Just keep in mind that and old, musty one will do your place no favours so be prepared to completely replace carpets if necessary, although in many cases a good carpet shampoo can do wonders.

5. Refresh Your Exterior

What’s the first thing your interested buyers will notice about your home? The exterior of course! Think about what they’ll be looking for when they become home owners. When their visitors pull up into the driveway, your property’s future owners will be wanting to make sure it’s one to impress them straight away. So, it’s worthwhile ensuring that your home looks its best not only inside, but outside too. However, this doesn’t just involve the aforementioned necessity for good landscaping. Having clean looking outdoor walls, pavers, driveways and roofs is ultimately what will make your home look stunning both in the real estate pictures and in real life.

The best way to do this is to hire an expert exterior building cleaning service and inject some new vibrancy into your outdoors with a team of specialists. DJL Services are high pressure cleaning professionals in Perth that have a wealth of experience in transforming properties through the removal of stubborn stains, dirt and grime from driveways, steps, roofs, pathways and endless other external home areas. Just take a look at some of the exceptional work our team has done for clients in the past:

House Exterior Before & After:

Limestone cleaning before and after

Roof Tiles Before & After:

Roof tile cleaning before and after

House Side Pavers Before & After:

Paver cleaning before and after

If you want to reinvigorate your home, breathe new life into the property and increase your home’s value, contact our high-pressure cleaning experts today. We specialise in external building cleaning services and will make your place look as good as new (or even better) again!


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