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Benefits and Risks of Commercial Exterior Building Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your commercial building can transform its appearance and rejuvenate your company’s image. First impressions can make or break a business and presenting a clean front of your business may attract more visitors, prospective clients and potential employees.

DJL Service Commercial High Pressure Cleaning
DJL Service Commercial High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning a commercial building’s exterior can be also dangerous work, not only to the people doing the cleaning but to the buildings themselves. External building cleaning usually requires high-pressure industrial cleaners that use a combination of hot or cold water pumped out an extremely high pressure and chemical cleaning products. Both of these factors can cause injury and damage to the building’s exterior.

If you own a commercial building or you’re a tenant, there are several benefits and risks to consider before attempting external building cleaning yourself.

Benefit: Make a Positive Impression

External building cleaning is essential to creating a positive image of your company. Imagine walking into a building that is covered in dirt and stains, it doesn’t fill you with confidence. By taking pride in your building’s appearance, your visitors will already be in a positive mindset when they walk through your doors.

DJL Service Exterior Building Cleaning
DJL Service Commercial High Pressure Cleaning

When are people are seeing your business, you want them to be impressed and have confidence in your company. That first impression starts in the parking lot and paths to your building. By making every step of your customer’s journey to your building a pleasant experience you’re already giving your business the best possible opportunity to have a positive outcome.

Risk: Building Damage

Commercial building cleaning is not something that should be done by amateurs. Your building is your investment and industrial cleaners, when used incorrectly, can cause permanent damage to the building’s exterior and even the structure.

Professional industrial cleaning companies, like DJL Services, have the training and knowledge to remove the stains and dirt from your building’s exterior without causing permanent damage. Don’t risk scratching, weakening or damaging your building using an industrial pressure cleaner without the proper experience.

Damage from high pressure cleaning
Damage from high pressure cleaning

Something as simple as standing too close with an industrial pressure cleaner can cause chipping in brick and limestone, leading to a big bill to repair the damage. The wrong chemical mixture will cause paint stripping from wood and pavement or erosion to limestone. Avoid any unnecessary repair bills by using a professional commercial pressure cleaning company.

Benefit: Avoid Degradation

Not only is dirt and stains on your building unappealing to the eye but it can also be causing irreversible damage to the exterior of the building. Leaving dirt, grime and debris on your building’s pavement, walls, paths and parking lots can start to cause the brick, concrete or limestone to erode and crack. Once this process starts, it can be hard to stop.

We recommend regular maintenance cleanings to remove all traces of dirt and stains from the building and prevent disrepair. You’ll save yourself a huge replacement cost by prolonging the life of your building’s exterior.

Risk: Injury

Cleaning commercial building exteriors usually involves working in spaces with high foot and car traffic, as well as requiring ladders or scaffolding. There is a high risk to injury both the people doing the industrial cleaning and passers-by.

The high-pressure industrial cleaners used to remove dirt and stains from the building have the power to remove paint from bricks and can easily cause an injury is moved too close to a person, or cause someone to lose balance on a ladder. We strongly advise hiring a professional commercial building cleaner to minimise your risk and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Using a professional commercial pressure cleaner also means they have the training to prevent any damage or injury to people, cars or buildings in the vicinity. DJL Services can complete all commercial pressure cleaning after hours to avoid interruption to the business and minimise the risk of harming passers-by.

Benefit: Save Money

Regular external building cleaning can save you money in the long and short term by reducing any potential repair or replacement costs. As mentioned earlier, leaving dirt, grime and debris on your building’s exterior surfaces can cause erosion and drastically reduces the lifespan of the material.

Limestone blocks and liquid limestone are particularly susceptible to erosion due to their porous structure and vulnerability to acids. By cleaning and sealing your building’s exterior, you’ll prolong its life and avoid the need to replace or repair cracked pavements or pavers.

Risk: Chemical Damage

The removal of dirt and stains from bricks, concrete and pavers can require the use of strong chemicals to break down the stains at a molecular level. Any misuse of these chemicals can lead to damage to the building and injury to people.

To avoid the risks of chemical damage, use a trained industrial pressure cleaner to remove external building stains. Misapplication on chemicals could cause irreversible damage to your building like limestone and brick erosion, paint removal and wood chipping.

Commercial pressure cleaners will also be responsible for the safe removal and disposal of any chemicals and avoid causing damage to the environment by allowing any hazardous chemicals to run into drains.

Benefits of DJL Services Commercial Pressure Cleaning

DJL Services Industrial Pressure Cleaning
DJL Services Industrial Pressure Cleaning

DJL Services has been providing commercial pressure cleaning services for many years and we have a reputation for providing high-quality service at a fair price. We work with businesses to find the best time to provide our commercial pressure cleaning services and avoid downtime for your company.

Check out our commercial pressure cleaning page or contact us for a free quote.

DJL Service Commercial Pressure Cleaner
DJL Service Commercial Pressure Cleaner


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